First things first about emergencies: Calling 911 is the best

replica handbags china I didn’t want to settle, and I felt selfish for keeping him when I didn’t have those feelings for him. I knew he would make a great boyfriend for someone, just not me. Six years later, I feel like an entirely different person.. First things first about emergencies: Calling 911 is the best thing to do in the most life threatening health emergencies, and it’s appropriate for the most critical conditions such as when someone is choking, isn’t breathing or is severely burned. Yes, in these situations, please, go to the ER where they can and will help. The emergency team that arrives in an ambulance is able to begin lifesaving care on the way to the hospital, and that timely treatment during transit may be the difference between life and death when it comes to a true health emergency. replica handbags china

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